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We are finally writing a book that will capture the history and beauty of Staatsburgh!

Staatsburgh: Gilded Splendor on the Hudson

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Friends of Mills Donation

Many of you – FOMAS members and Staatsburgh visitors alike – have requested a book that captures the beauty and story of this treasured landmark. The book will serve as a reminder of your visits and also expand your experience, increasing your knowledge of the Mills family, the Gilded Age, and the estate. In fact, 2020 marks the 125th anniversary of the renovation by Stanford White!

Much of the focus of the book will be on what was it like to live, visit, or work at Staatsburgh. Through the abundant use of pictures and graphics and a narrative based on years of research and interviews, the book will deliver the full story of Staatsburgh all in one place.

To assist with funding this project, the Friends have applied for a grant but even if awarded, it will not fully fund the project. And that’s where you come in. We need your help to complete this book.

Any amount will help. Those who donate $250 or more, will receive a personalized autographed copy of the published book. 

Many employers will support the generosity of their employees through a matching gift program. If your company does so, please submit your donation.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Update: Your response has been overwhelming! This has allowed us to write the book we really want and not just the one we could afford. It has grown in length and images. The story is so much fuller, thanks to your donations!

Our Funding Progress

Estimated Cost of Publishing:

$20,500 – writing, design, editing, photographs, printing, shipping, marketing

Hopeful Funding:

$9,500 grant applied for to Furthermore Foundation, decision 12/1/20

  • Unfortunately, we did not receive this grant.

Current Funding:

$3,000 grant from Pomeroy Fund for NYS History

$17,670 Letter of Appeal donations


As of January 28, the book manuscript has been submitted to Versa Press in Illinois to print 1000 copies!

Sneak Cover Preview: 

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“Strong financial support of these historic homes is very important. They’ve become more in vogue now because of Downton Abbey but I think also people are finally understanding that these sites are a lot of fun to come to.”