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Among the thousands of items donated to the state by the Mills family is an important collection of historic textiles, including draperies, bedspreads, table covers, linens, and upholstered sofas and chairs. In keeping with the Gilded Age, silk and velvet were the fabrics of choice and, in time, these have severely deteriorated. For many years, the Friends and other generous donors have helped fund the restoration of the draperies and furniture coverings throughout Mills Mansion.

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To be used in restoration, new fabric needs to be historically accurate and, where possible, be an exact replica of the weave, pattern, weight, and color of the existing fabric. For each project, the first step is to find a manufacturer of the fabric to be used. Once manufactured, the fabric is delivered to the Bureau of Historic Sites Conservation Center at Peebles Island where it is sewn into draperies or used to reupholster a piece of furniture. The deteriorated fabric is not discarded but rather is carefully packed and cataloged.

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