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Join staff to explore some collections more deeply.

Decorative flourish

Concubines, hair ribbons, and dragons – oh my! Learn about one of the mansion’s oldest Chinese artifacts, more than 400 years old.

What’s up with the parrot and scissors? Learn more about this still life painting by 18th century Italian artist Sebastiano Lazzari.

See cutting-edge communications technology of the Gilded Age.

Learn more about the once thriving ice harvesting industry in Staatsburg.

Beatrice married the 8th Earl of Granard. Learn more about this special book he gave her parents when they visited his castle!

Ogden Mills purchased this Venetian scene at an auction the day after his wedding anniversary. It graces the walls of Ruth’s bedroom at Staatsburgh so perhaps it was an anniversary present.  

Vichy Water

Pretty bottles, old water…makes a really interesting story.